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This group taught me something…

A teensy weensy bit jealous, but mainly inspired to improve something about myself.

Context: last week my colleague Michelle Rushton ran our Smiling Ox Paradox® program with a group of educators and at the end of the session received dozens of handwritten notes explaining the impact of the session on them.

Hand-written thank you notes

Now, to be clear, this was not a spontaneous outpouring of gratitude (that would be amazing!), but prompted by the organiser Donna Pendergast, Dean and Head of Education at Griffith University.

Two things to note.

Firstly, in the ten years of doing this sort of work and in over 1000+ sessions I have NEVER had a client ask the group to write thank you letters to me nor have I seen it. Ever. Yeah, I know, woe is me!

Second, when I read some of the notes (just beautiful sentiments) it made me think about how many opportunities I have had in my life and work to hand write a heartfelt note and not done it.

As a result I know I have missed opportunities to more deeply connect, build more trust, sew seeds of friendship and make other people feel good.

Something to work on!

I’m also going to start demanding groups write nice letters to me at the ends of sessions. Michelle says this is the wrong message to take away from the experience.

Posted to Developing Leadership Capability on 26th September 2019

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