We believe that leading people happens one conversation at a time.

Unfortunately, mastering these leadership conversations doesn’t just happen by virtue of being promoted. In fact, we’ve noticed that there is not much correlation between someone’s hierarchical seniority and how good they are at leadership conversations. 

This represents a big opportunity to unlock greater engagement and performance up and down organisations, from first time managers to executives.

That’s why we created the Leading People program.

Join colleagues from your organisation to experience learning that’s highly engaging and practical and receive personalised coaching to help you embed the learning and level up your people leadership.

The program’s format and emphasis are highly customisable to each client.



Executive and Senior leaders with the hunger and humility to level up their conversational skills. We have run this program for senior executives to rave reviews.

People leaders with a sizeable team or only one or two direct reports.

This program is not intended for individual contributors.



The program has a mix of:

  • Face to face modules for creating connection, energy, skills practice and experiential learning
  • Personalised one-to-one coaching to embed learning and behaviour change
  • Online modules for learning practical tools and frameworks, delivered in a way that is actually engaging and entertaining (fancy that!)
  • Group coaching to learn from peers and solve pressing leadership problems.