Boy oh boy, hasn’t the world changed?!

Despite sore necks from change whiplash (ouch), our core business and our core purpose remain the same.

We help clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution by equipping them to answer one question:
“How do you get the absolute best out of your people?”

The purpose of this page is to summarise how we are delivering our services to clients in a virtual delivery format.

For specific details on our services visit the relevant webpages: developing Leaders, building high performing Teams, equipping Salespeople and Engineering Behaviour Change.

This video is a summary of what clients tell us
they need and what we are doing about it:


We’ve been listening and our clients have spoken

Many clients grappling with these changed circumstances have identified specific needs for the short to medium term. The programs below are those that we offer that best map to the needs we’ve heard. We know these needs will continue to evolve and we’ll keep listening!



    When we deliver our signature programs virtually, we’ve learned that engagement and impact are harder to achieve than in a face to face setting and yet even more important. Here are the key ways we make virtual work:

    • Maintain our interactive and facilitative style: No webinars or lectures, but creating conversations, connection and engagement (supported by the use of tech tools like breakout rooms, virtual whiteboards, online polls etc. etc. You know the drill!) but also by finding creative ways to deliver many of our well-known experiential activities virtually.
    • Shorter sessions but more of them: For example, our signature Smiling Ox Paradox® program can now be delivered as 4 x 45min interactive, virtual sessions.
    • Make it personal: We lean into delivering those of our programs that have tools and activities that are more personally meaningful (proprietary assessment tools, activities that lead to self-insight or self-revelation) and this counteracts the disconnection people can feel virtually.
    • Energy: Managing both physiology and attention while injecting humour and lightness wherever possible. Imagine participants standing and moving, changing up the activities regularly, rather than sitting in front of screens the whole time. We also think it is important that the facilitator can move about in their own virtual studio rather than being glued to a chair.
    • Storytelling: Tapping into the art of storytelling and designing the experience like a Hollywood film – energy, drama, tension, humour, ‘aha’ moments.
    • Check-ins and coaching afterwards: To assist with embedding behaviour change when people are more isolated from colleagues. This involves teaching about the science of behaviour change and coaching to make changes stick.
    • (optional extra) Behavioural Engineering: Working with program sponsors/organisers to design interventions that live long after the program, to embed the specific target behaviours identified as high impact and high leverage. This is more of an ‘outside-in’ approach to behavior change rather than ‘inside-out’.