Did you work on the stock market trading floor on Wall Street in the 1980s? Did you see the movie? If so, you have an idea of what to expect in this Team Challenge! Teams are pitted against each other with the task of making as much money as possible.

This team challenge is actually what we call a Behavioural Learning Simulation. The purpose of this is to create certain environmental constraints and see how participants behave as a result. It is high energy, tactile and necessitates a high level of interaction between all participants. This simulation can serve two functions:

  • Firstly it transforms the engagement and physiology of participants, filling the room with laughter, noise and bustling activity.
  • Secondly, it shines a light on the behaviours of all involved and brings a heightened level of self awareness to these behaviours.


Some of the key learning points from this experience, which will be facilitated in the Debrief session, are:

  • Competition vs Collaboration: In a competitive, commercial environment there is a balance to be had between competition and collaboration. While we are judged on our own results, we rely on each other to succeed. Getting this balance right is essential to success.
  • Relationships: While it is absolutely essential that we plan for success, it is not enough to simply plan tasks. It’s absolutely critical we think first about the needs of others and how we can build a mutually beneficial relationship with them.
  • Thinking Big: Having clear ambitious goals is something everyone knows is beneficial, but very few actually do when the pressure is on.
  • Execution: Having a clear goal is necessary for success, but not sufficient. Execute, execute, execute!


A mini documentary of how the behavioural simulation works